Discover the right solution for your ears through expert care in ear wax removal. Introducing a safe and effective method for removing and managing ear wax building up in your ears. Value Hearing offers professional ear wax removal techniques under direct vision to achieve clear and healthy ear canals. Are you experiencing a blocked sensation in your ears? Do your ears feel painful or have pressure in them? Are you experiencing a ringing or buzzing noise in one or both your ears? You may have ear wax blocking your ear canals causing these bothersome symptoms. Value Hearing offers quick, pain-free, and easy ear wax removal using state of the art technology to unblock and clear your ears.

The Ear Wax Challenge

We are meant to have ear wax in our ears, but for some people, ear wax can build up and get stuck in the ear canal.

A blocked sensation in your ears is often caused by a build-up of ear wax. When ear wax builds up and becomes impacted this can cause a reduction in hearing, pain in the ears, water getting trapped after showing and swimming and ringing or buzzing sounds called tinnitus. These sensations can feel very isolating and frustrating, especially if you are trying to have conversations with a blocked ear. Also, if only one of your ears is blocked with ear wax, this can cause dizziness as it disrupts the body’s sense equilibrium and balance.

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People who wear hearing aids are also more susceptible to having ear wax build up and block their ears. This is because they are wearing an earpiece in their ears for most of their day which prevents the natural movement of ear wax out of the ear canal. Ear wax blockage can also stop hearing aids from working well as it prevents sound being transferred through the hearing system at the amplified volume it should be.

What is the process?

In an ear wax removal appointment, a hearing care professional at Value Hearing will gently insert a small speculum into the ear canal to check for ear wax and to visualise the ear drum. If there is ear wax blocking the view of the ear drum, we can remove it using different techniques depending on the type of ear wax.

Microsuctioning involves a suction wand which gently vacuums the ear wax out of your ear canal, like a mini vacuum cleaner. The clinician will use a binocular microscope to have direct vision of the ear canal during this process. This means that they can use both of their hands to remove the ear wax whilst always having an eye on your ear canal to ensure safe removal of the wax. The hearing care professional can also use small curettes or forceps to remove the ear wax build up.

If the clinician finds that there is no ear wax, tests can be completed at Value Hearing to further investigate what is causing your ear-related symptoms.

Ear syringing techniques are the traditional way of removing ear wax, although, this method can often be dangerous, uncomfortable, and messy. This technique can burst the eardrum due to the amount of force that is applied to the ear drum.

Not sure if you need Ear Wax Removal?

Ear wax is normally, and everyone has ear wax in their ears. However, when ear wax builds up in the ear and becomes blocked, it needs to be professionally removed. You should visit a hearing care professional at Value Hearing if you are experiencing:

A blocked or full sensation in the ear
Pain, itchiness, or discomfort in your ear
Muffled or reduced hearing
Difficulty popping your ears or feeling like you need to pop your ears
If water is getting trapped in your ear
If your hearing aids are not working or sound dull

Using ear wax removal techniques such as micro-suction and curettes, do not involve putting any pressure into the ear canal. This means that the ear wax can be gently removed from the ear canal with no pain or force. This appointment only takes a few minutes and instantly provides effective removal of any bothersome ear wax.

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Get a Professional Care

The most effective way to remove ear wax safely and painlessly is professional ear wax removal. Don’t put up with water being painfully blasted into your ear or ear wax drops that are sticky and messy. Most importantly, do not push a cotton tip into your ear as it will only cause the ear wax to go deeper into the ear canal which can be much more painful. Have a hearing care professional at Value Hearing investigate the cause of your symptoms today.